One-of-a-kind models that are constructed every year, are a true masterpiece of mechanics and design. Our passion for expensive cars and the ability to understand the needs of our customers have allowed us to implement premium car rent service that goes beyond the limits of the concept "started the engine and drove off." We want to give our customers the perfection of the pleasure to drive a really expensive and comfortable car. Contact us and choose the model from our continuously updated park, which you prefer, select where you want to get a car and rent it, everything else will be planned and arranged by us.

A miracle of technology and style, the most famous premium car in the world. Boutique Travel Group offers you any model of Ferrari, leaving the pleasure of driving to you to!
Models Coupé, SUV, Spider ... are the most famous German sports car. These are real legends of their time which live in dreams of the most passionate fans of fast driving.
Exclusive world of Maserati: premium car, the design of which can not be confused with any other car.
Fast like the wind, attractive like a beautiful woman, Lamborghini is an example of Italian engine art.